Full-Day City Tour Byzantine & Ottoman Traces DETAIL

Full-Day City Tour Byzantine & Ottoman Traces

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General Information About Full-Day City Tour Byzantine & Ottoman Traces

Hagia Sophia

From the Golden age of Byzantine, this once Christian church is one of the most extraordinary buildings in the history of architecture. The word "hagia" in greekmeans "Divine" and "Sophia" means "Wisdom".

Blue Mosque

The blue Mosque is one of the most promient landmarks of Istanbul. It is very impressive with its beautiful domes and semidomes, nice courtyards and six slender minarets.

Hippodrome and Obelisks

Thesquare in front of the Blue Mosque covers the site of the ancient "Hippodrome", one of the most famous areas in Byzantine.

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Suleymaniye Mosque

Back to the days of ottoman Istanbul. The biggest mosque of Istanbul which was built by Great architect Sinan for the Suleyman the Magnificent. Golden period of the Ottoman Empire. Alot to learn about Mosque and Suleyman the Magnificent from your tour guide.

Topkapı Palace

Topkapı Palace was more than just the private residence of the sultan and his court, it was the seat of the supreme executive and judiciary council, the Divan and the training school.

Hagia Irene Muesum

The Hagia Irene located in the outer courtyard of Topkapı Palace is the oldest and second biggest church of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine).

Grand Bazaar

Our tour is going to conclude in Grand Bazaar for giving you free time of visiting this legendary Bazaar.

  • Blue Mosque will be replaces by Nuruosmaniye Mosque on Friday. Topkapı Palace is closed on Tuesday. Grand Bazaar is closed on Sunday.
  • Vehicle will be used only for thenecessary part of this tour. so please be prepared for a bit walking during the day.

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