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Plenty of tourists who come to İstanbul don’t leave this beautiful city without joining dinner cruise. The reason why we have big demand for our dinner cruise is that we have rich dinner menu, Turkish traditional shows as well as extra shows, witnessing best places of Istanbul during sailing. Our dinner cruise is one of its kind. It is one of the biggest cruise you can ever see in Istanbul. It is such a big cruise that all guests can sit comfortably, and they can join the dance show if they wish to do. Compared to other cruises, we have extra shows “Tango and Salsa” as well as Turkish Traditional Dances.


The Menu of Our Dinner

Grilled Chicken


Grilled Fish

Soft drinks such as Coffee, Tea, Coke etc.


Spirits (Alc.)

Vodka, Raki, Beer, Gin, Red and White Wine.

Note: Imported alc. like champagne is extra charging.


Our Shows

The Whirling Dervish Ceremony also known as Sema is a spiritual performance that is symbol of the way of accessing to the God.

The Classical Turkish Music is a musical genre unique to Turkish culture.

Halay, from the Central Anatolian region, is described as "dancing by holding hand with the clarion and drum".

Belly dance is a traditional Middle Eastern dance. Female dancers are called belly dancers and men are just called dancers. Belly dance is one of the oldest known dances in the world.

Roman dance has figures inspired by Indian dances and oriental. It also has similarities with Flamenco. Tabbed steps, waist and hip curls form the basis of this dance. Hand and arm movements are also of great importance in roman dance choreography.

Kafkas Show (Caucasian Show) is a dance played by young people alone or in groups at weddings. Its origin dates to ancient times. Young men aim to show their toughness by courting.

Horon Show being a dance with a fast pace is intrinsic to Black Sea Region. This dance is also known as worshipping practises in ancient Pagan history.

"Zeybek" being a unique dance performance is extremely common in Turkey's Western and Southern Anatolia regions. The dance symbolizes nobility and courage.

Salsa is a latin dance that is related to the same-named music genre. This dance was performed in Ottoman Palaces due to variety of traditions in Ottoman History.

Tango being one of the most well-known and important dances in modern history was also performed in Ottoman Empire’s Palaces thanks to variety of other traditions.


Standard Table is a type of table that our guests prefer for their economic budgets. These tables are at the back sides of the cruise. However, you can see show clearly.

Close to stage table/ Middle Table is a type of table that you could be closer to show stage, and you can see performers from close distance.

Royal table is type of table that you are the closest to the stage. All dancers perform their performances in front of this table. This table is preferred by people who want to have unforgettable experience in Istanbul.


Important Notes:

  • When there is a break after shows, you can go to our yacht’s deck to take some pictures.
  • After you leave for a break, your table will not be taken by other guests.